Minimize Stigma

If you wish, you may use the comment field below to give an example of something you or someone you know has done to minimize stigma in your community.


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  1. I associate with many Rotarians around the world. One influential Rotarian circulated a documentary film released in April by The Epoch Times, which alleges that the origin of the SARS-CoV-2 virus was most likely a government research laboratory in Wuhan. Today the scientific community is increasingly divided on whether the virus had natural or lab origin. It is clearly important to ascertain the truth (see: Rotary Four-Way Test), but there is considerable risk that an explosive finding would increase tensions between the United States and China, and lead to further stigmatization of Chinese people. And so I explained to all concerned that peacebuilders should focus intensely on conflict prevention and conflict resolution. If the claims are false, then how can we address the root cause of such disinformation? If the claims are true, then how can we prevent aggrieved countries from going to war?

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