Reduce Panic

If you wish, you may use the comment field below to give an example of something you or someone you know has done to reduce panic in your community.


Reduce Panic — 1 Comment

  1. At the start of the lockdown, a friend of mine offered thoughtful advice on his blog to those who might consider hoarding supplies: “Think of the countless others who need the food (and toilet paper) just as much as you do. Or, if sentiment won’t work, I’ll get you to use your brain. Can everyone realistically get a garage full of ground beef and toilet paper? Not to mention the fact that the crowds who are panic buying will negate all the social distancing we’ve been doing. Rather than feel secure with a garage full of supplies, think of your neighbor who needs those things just as much as you do. Trust that all will be well. Be content with your daily (or weekly) bread.”

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