Holiday Gift Shopping That Benefits Your CommunityRichmond Rotary's annual Holiday Auction raises the money we contribute to local area schools and community service agencies. So please, join the band: attend the Auction, invite guests, and of course, bid on some of the unusual, fun, and even useful items listed below. Check back to watch the list grow day by day.

Every Richmond Rotarian is expected to help in the Holiday Auction. Please use the link below to send us a description of your item for posting on this page. Or if you prefer, you may make a cash donation using PayPal. Either way, your generosity is helping to build a better community.

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The Bottle of Muscatel
It's the one lying down, resting up for the big day. You can buy it but you cannot— must not—drink it. After purchasing this Holiday Auction tradition, the Bottle of Muscatel waits quietly in your closet, ready to spring into action for the following year.

The Sister Bottle of Port
This is the port that was first donated by several of our female members—their answer to the bottle of muscatel. Previous winner returns it next year with new bottle of Port.

Solar home

$1000 Cash Card off purchase of Home Solar System
Paul Allen offers this truly useful change in how you use energy—and what it costs you. This auction item includes a free site evaluation and education about solar energy resource you can harness at your home to save on electric bills and go green. $1000 Visa cash card refund on purchase of a 2kw or greater home solar power system in 2010.

(Pictured on left is one of the many homes in which Paul's company has installed a solar system.)

contractors lunch

Contractors' Lunch
Evidence of last year's gathering on the left. Jonathon and Erle will once again challenge the Club's die-hards to outlast one another in spite of their habits. Up to 15 people. Minimum bid $125.

Doreen's Cookies
For those whose tastes tend toward things healthier than the above item, Doreen's scrumptious cookies are a perennial Auction favorite. Hank Covell knows not to mess with success.

Napa Valley Wine Train

Napa Valley Wine Train
Pam Jones offers a gourmet lunch for two on the Napa Valley Wine Train, one of our region's most unique restaurants. This top dining establishment is housed in an antique train that runs on 25-miles of track in the heart of the Napa Valley.

Breathtaking scenery, an old-fashioned dining car experience, and a fabulous gourmet meal together make this gift one of the most memorable anyone is likely to receive this holiday.
Learn more.

Old Pub

Historic Pub Crawl of Richmond & Nearby Cities
Join your host, Bill Koziol,for an adventurous evening full of a Rotarian's favorite things....cocktails, camaraderie and a little bit o? history. Sober transportation and a beverage of your choice at each bar will be provided. The second (or Third) round is on you! We will start our crawl at the Warehouse in Port Costa. Pick up and drop off in downtown Pt. Richmond (our final stop), or nearby residences.

Most Drug-Free Safety Zone in Mexico
Las Hadas is located on the Pacific coast of Mexico, near Manzanillo.
Jerry Feagley offers this fully furnished 2 bedroom apartment, with a large deck. One double, 2 single beds. Fly into Manzanilla Airport. 18 hole golf course close by. Seven days and nights, best from Sunday to Sunday.

Family night at the movies
Hilltop Century Movie Theater offers four (4) tickets to the movies. At today's theatre prices, this is a great gift.

Oakland A's tickets

Four field level tickets to a game to be determined (as soon as Jonathon gets his season tickets). Great seats section 112, seats 16-19. For baseball fans, this is not to be passed up.

For the flabby and feckless family: Get active at the Y.
If sitting and watching others be athletic doesn't quite do it for you, this should: two 3-month Family Memberships at the Hilltop Family YMCA. Offered by Don Lau.

A weekend away—without the bother of going away!
Two Complimentary Weekend Night Stay for 2 including a buffet breakfast at Richmond Courtyard. A $400 value. Thank you, Courtyard Marriott.

Pistol security safe with anchoring plate
Fingerprint-activated security case. The case is portable with shoulder strap and cable lock. It is constructed of hightensile composite aluminum alloy and features a manual emergency key override, extra large sensor area to authenticate fingerprints and allows up to three different fingerprint enrollment.


Holiday Gift Basket from the Alexanders
Richard and Katherine have assembled a beautiful holiday basket of three wines, wine carrier, dipping oils, pumpkin butters, gourmet cooking ingredients—a great selection to carry you to the threshhold of 2011.


Solar Bible


America's Renewable Energy Bible
The ultimate resource on renewable energy, sustainable living, alternative construction, green building, homesteading, off-the-grid-living and alternative transportation. The energy-saving ideas in this book will quickly payback what you offer for Paul Allen's thoughtful contribution.


BoilerHouse restaurant



BoilerHouse Restaurant $25 Gift Certificate
BoilerHouse Restaurant on the waterfront at Ford Point, Richmond Marina District.
Come enjoy our fresh local food, industrial- chick settings, and of course the spectacular Bay views. Thanks!

Clos du Bois wine

Cases of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot
Mark Howe is offering 5 cases of Close du Bois Cabernet Sauvignon, and 5 cases of Mondavi 2002 Merlot.

A case of fine Cabernet Sauvignon
EJ Shalaby is also offering one of those gifts that keeps on giving: A case of Clos du Bois Cabernet Sauvignon North Coast 2005. Value of $125.

In vino veritas
In truth, all Rotary members can do their wine shopping here! Daniel Tanita is also offering a case of fine California vino. Thanks, Dan.

Gift basket

Italian Gift Basket
Italian handmade glass serving dish and basket of Italian food specialties, includes panetone, Ferrero chocolates, sparkling wine, and more. From Lilane Koziol.

Bring the gang to Macdonald's!
Well, bring them and their friends. A hundred bucks—that's the value of the gift certificate—goes a long way at Macdonalds. Thank you, Stoney.

East Brothers Lighthouse

East Brother Lighthouse Dinner, Bed & Breakfast
This highly unusual experience is for a couple and includes dinner, and bed and breakfast. This beautifully restored Victorian lighthouse is perched atop an island in the strait that separates San Francisco and San Pablo Bays.

Not exactly your cup of tea? O.K. It may be the perfect gift for out-of-town relatives who you love but would rather not have staying with you. The value of this gift is $415. See for more information.

Lake Tahoe Apartment offers great get-away
Very comfortable 2 bedroom apartment, walking distance from Lake Tahoe, shopping, entertainment, and casinos. Three nights and four days. Offered by Jerry Feagley.



Presidential Dinner fit for kings and queens
Extraordinary dinner prepared and presented by past presidents Leslie Levy and Jim Beaver. For up to 12 people. Former winners of this auction item have raved about the quality of the food.




Framed Richmond Historical Photographs
A rare opportunity: Chevron has opened its historical archives and is offering two matted and framed historical photographs of the Richmond Refinery. The photos date from World War II and earlier. (The photograph on the left, showing Standard Oil workers in Richmond, is not necessarily one of the images being offered.)

These fine auction items are made available by Chevron, and offered by Heather Kulp.

Portrait photography
Portrait photographer Louise Williams, a friend of Judy Kafka, donates a portrait sitting and an 8 x 10 custom portrait. The value of this wonderful gift is $500.00.

Ms. Williams works in available light on location, as well as from her studio, and can go to the home of the client. She prints both b/w and color images on archival museum quality paper. See examples of Ms. Williams' work.

Patron Tequila


Tequila Set
Michael and Dana Gill know how to party. They're offering a beautiful set of four bottles of world-famous Patron Tequilla.
Not for drinking alone, we're cautioned. Retail value of $185.

Shopping off the beaten path
With Judy Morgan as your seasoned guide, you'll embark on a shopping adventure to stores that are off the beaten path, stores not necessarily open to the public, stores that will have you asking "Why didn't I ever know about this?".

Not to be missed!

Premium wine & hors d'oeuvres tasting
Casa de Surowitz is fast scrambling up the list of posh locations for East Bay foodies.
For 6.



Balvenie Single Malt Scotch



Top 'n' Tail
A bottle of Balvenie Single Malt Scotch Whiskey finished in Portwood Port casks.
A $170 value.
Snuggled up next to this fine scotch in this picture is a bottle of MD 20-20 Blue Raspberry. Offered by Alan Blavins.




Single malt scotch tasting & delectable hors d'oeuvres
Josh Genser will host his second annual Rotary Scotch tasting. Last year we tasted Glenfiddich and Glenmorangie single-malt scotches. I chose those because they are the brands that gave rise to the fashion of drinking single-malt scotches instead of blends. Glenfiddich was the first to import single-malts into the United States. Glenmorangie was the first to age scotches in other than former American whiskey barrels. We did a vertical tasting of Glenfiddich single-malt scotches, tasting the twelve, fifteen and eighteen-year-old issues. We did a horizontal tasting of Glenmorangie, tasting scotches aged in barrels formerly used to age Whiskey, Sherry and Madeira.

Hors d'Oeuvres to clean our palates between tastes were donated by the Villa in San Pablo, the best Chinese restaurant around.

This year, we will survey the range of "peatiness", also known as smokiness or even bitterness, tasting six single-malt scotches from the mildest to the peatiest.

I can accommodate up to twelve people. It's an expensive item (about $400 worth of scotch) so it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Scotch rookies to get tastes of the finest of the genre, so bid generously.

picnic basket

The Delights of Libation
Josh Genser is also offers:
A Courvoisier gift pack with flask.
A Ketel One gift pack with cocktail shaker.
A backpack with a complete picnic set, with wine bottle carrier on the outside.
An electric wine bottle chiller with wine bottle opener.

Birding at Point Reyes with expert guide
Tens of thousands of avian migrants flock to the Bay Area each year. This great field trip has also returned after last year's auction, when it attracted lively bidding. Join Nick Despota and birding expert Rusty Scalf to Five Brooks, Bear Valley Visitors Center, Outer Point and Limantour Beach. Tasty gourmet picnic lunch included, carpooling advised. You'll need binoculars. 

Saturday, Jan. 15, 22, or 29, depending on the preference of the auction winners.
9 AM-3 PM. $50/person. (4 person minimum, 10 person maximum)

Ski early and often
Snow in the Sierras, if you haven't heard, is especially good this year. Norm Lundberg offers two ski lift tickets to Sugar Bowl?value of $142. Nice gift for the downhillers in your life.

Wild Gift Basket
Norm also offers a gift basket, value $150, from Wild Birds.

More flying things. This one's really special.
Pam Jones has a knack for the ceremonial. Last year she contacted Senator Feinstein and arranged to have a US flag flown over the US Capitol, for the Richmond Rotary Club, on July 4, 2009. This was done. Pam includes with her gift of the flag a certificate that officially acknowledges the event. We're impressed.



Introduction to firearms
Learn the basic rules of safe handling of firearms, review basic handling, inspection, loading and unloading, and the basics of shooting. You will have the opportunity to fire a variety of firearms, including semi-automatic pistols, revolvers and a shot gun. Includes range fees, eye and ear protection and targets, and all ammunition. Offered by David A. Brown.
(Must be over 18 years of age, have valid California ID, no felony convictions or convictions for misdemeanors involving violence or threats of violence, and must not be subject to a domestic or civil restraining order.)

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