Holiday Gift Shopping That Benefits Your CommunityRichmond Rotary's annual Holiday Auction raises the money we contribute to local area schools and community service agencies. So please, join the band: attend the Auction, invite guests, and of course, bid on some of the unusual, fun, and even useful items listed below. Check back to watch the list grow day by day.

Every Richmond Rotarian is expected to help in the Holiday Auction. Please use the link below to send us a description of your item for posting on this page. Or if you prefer, you may make a cash donation using PayPal. Either way, your generosity is helping to build a better community.

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The Bottle of Muscatel
Hank Covell recently set the cumulative auction "yield" of this bottle at something around $35,000. (Someone send me an email if this way off the mark.) You know the drill: You can buy it but you cannot— must not—drink it. After purchasing this Holiday Auction tradition, the Bottle of Muscatel waits quietly in your closet, ready to spring into action for the following year.

East Brothers Lighthouse


East Brother Lighthouse Dinner, Bed & Breakfast
Tom Butt once again comes through with this very popular (dare we say "romantic") experience for you and your partner, or for your out-of-town guests.

This beautifully restored Victorian lighthouse is perched atop an island in the strait that separates San Francisco and San Pablo Bays. This overnight stay includes includes dinner, bed and breakfast, and knock-your-socks-off views of our watery front yard.

The value of this gift is $415.

See for more information.



Estate Plan
Doris Mitchell has offered a comprehensive estate plan for a single person including
assistance with funding. Documents would be: Advanced Health Care
Directive, Durable Power of Attorney for Finances, Will and Trust.
Couples would benefit from a major discount.



Holiday Get-away for 4 to 8
Do you know 3 people or more with whom you'd enjoy spending a week on a South Pacific island? Thank Joan Davis for this fabulous get-away opportunity: one week accommodation in Maui, Kauai, Fiji or a number of other places in the Continental USA. The condo apartment sleeps 4-8 people, depending on the location. The value of this is between $2,000-2,500.
Note that this auction item does not incude air fare. The minimum bid for this is only $500!

Kindle Fire
Alan Blavins comes though with an auction gift that's on many shopping lists: the Kindle Fire, the latest electronic book reader. Download magazines, games and, of course, books within seconds.

With leather cover and stand included, the Kindle Fire retails at $250.


Antique Brass Ship's Clock
Skipper Mark Howe is offering a 1910, 6" Seth Thomas Brass Ships Clock. We'll post a picture of this valuable timepiece as soon as Mark finds the time to send it.

Lake Tahoe condo
Jerry Feagley offers a great way to get away: 2 nights and 3 days in spectacular South Lake Tahoe. Fully furnished, full kitchen, 1queen, 1double, 1single bed, a double futon, 1+1/2 bath rooms, and a fireplace. River Rock 1/4mi. to the Heavenly tram, 1/2mil to casinos. This is a $399 value

Dinner at Chez Panisse
A very special dinner for your very special person. Dan Sanders offers a $200 gift certificate to northern California's most renowned restaurant. Can you say Valentine's Day? (But you better make those reservations the day after you snag this one).

Delta Cruise and Picnic Lunch
A leisurely Delta cruise offered by Michelle Itagaki. "We leave Pittsburg (time to be determined ) and cruise up New York Slough towards Stockton. We then veer off into Three Mile Slough past the Outrigger Marina and Brannen Island.

"We will request an opening of Three Mile Slough bridge. If Cal Trans is manning the bridge, we'll request it be opened and proceed into Horse Bend and anchor for lunch. After lunch in Horse Bend we'll head down the Sacramento river back to the Pittsburg marina.

"If the bridge is not opened, we'll anchor in Three Mile Slough for lunch and return the way we came. Michelle has about a dozen pictures of the interior. Please contact her if you want to take a look before the auction."
Bidding for a party of 4, starts at $500.


Pub Crawl
Bill Koziol invites you to join fellow Rotarians for a Historic Tour of 5+ local watering holes on our 2nd Annual Pub Crawl Event. Poker game and Scavenger Hut for prizes along the way.

Designated driver provided for pick-up and drop in Pt. Richmond (or nearby).
Up to 10 participants (or perhaps fewer if they happen to look like the guy pictured here. FOB?)

Don't want to look like that guy? Get active at the Y.
If too many brews and rich lunches are making you think you need some regular exercise, think about this: two 3-month Family Memberships at the Hilltop Family YMCA, valued at more than $300. Offered by Mr. YMCA, Don Lau.

contractors lunch

Contractors' Lunch
Evidence of last year's gathering on the left. Jonathon and Erle will once again challenge the Club's die-hards to outlast one another in spite of their habits. Up to 10 people. Minimum bid $200.

Doreen's Cookies
A perennial Auction favoriteor those whose tastes tend toward things healthier than the Contractor's Lunch might provide. Hank Covell knows not to mess with success.

Stetson 10-gallon Hat
Cowboy Jim Young has placed on the auction block one ‘never been worn’ Stetson Hat, 10-gallon style, size 7-1/8. This icon of the West is in the box, wrapped in the original plastic. Any Son of Texas or professional bullshit artist ("same thing" says Jim) would be proud to own this hat.
Notice: Jim Young makes no warranty that the wearing of this hat will impart any aura of authority or authenticity associated with legendary figures who have worn a similar type of headware. Ya got that?



Sonicare Electric Toothbrush
A top-of-the-line Sonicare Electric Toothbrush, which retails around $200, is offered by none other than one of our resident dentists, Dr. Dan Tanita. Nice way to reward yourself for excessive oral indulgence at holiday time.

Return of the Stag Fern
Not suitable for illustrating on a family website, consider this botanical curiosity as a dramatic addition to a garden or patio. Offered and possibly mounted by Jim Young.



Hike the Carquinez Scenie Trail
Intrepid explorer Josh Surowitz will guide up to 10 hale and hardy souls on a 4-mile ramble along the beautiful Carquinez Scenic Trail, between Crockett and Port Costa. The group will stop for a mid-hike drink in Port Costa. Josh will also provide lunch, after which the happy troopers will complete their hike.

Josh rates the walk to be of medium difficulty. The bidding starts at $75 per person.



Single malt scotch tasting & delectable hors d'oeuvres
Having perfected the genre, Josh Genser once again presents the Richmond Rotary Scotch Tasting event.  Those who commented on last year's Tasting report that this is not merely about drinking good scotch, although it is that, but it is a serious examination of the phenomenon that is single-malt scotch in the United States, an educational experience and a feast for the senses. This coming year, we'll be learning about and sampling Japanese Whiskies, which technically cannot be called "scotch", because they're not made in Scotland, but rival the finest scotches in taste and texture. Josh invites up to ten people, at a bid of $200 eac, for what promises to be an exceptional evening.

Clos du Bois wine

Cakebread Cellar Cabernet
Mike Winters contributes one bottle of a very fine wine for you holiday table: Cakebread Cellars Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, 2008.

Clos du Bois Cabernet Sauvignon
EJ Shalabywill contribute 2 cases of 2005 Clos du Bois Cabernet Sauvignon, still in the original case and properly stored. EJ will throw in a cork screw (in case you're planning on getting stranded on an island).

Tequila tasting and dinner
Rafael Madrigal entices holiday revelers with a Tequila Tasting and Dinner: great food and a dizzing assortment of tequilas with beer chasers. The bid price is $100/person.

Vodka in scary bottle
Alan Blavins offers a bottle of Crystal Head Vodka, shown on the right. If the effects on the palette and brain are as dramatic as the packaging, this should be quite a dazzling libation.

Far Niente Chardonnay
Dan Tanita is donating 4 bottles of Far Niente Chardonnay, a special occasion wine that retails at $50 per bottle.


International Cocktail Set
Liliane Koziol taps into her international interesst, and maybe yours, with a half case of wines from Argentina, Sicily, France, Chile, South Africa and Germany—and includes a stoneware cocktail stoneware set to boot.

Birding at Coyote Hills with expert guide
This year Nick Despota offers a birding trip to Coyote Hills Regional Park, about 20 miles south of Oakland. The Park features highly diverse habitat: marsh, forested and grassy hills, and shoreline, all within a relatively compact area (read: not a lot of driving around). Our expert guide, Denise Wight (those who accompanied us on 2009 trip to Pt. Reyes will remember her) will help us identify a variety of land and shore birds, including raptors, warblers, hummingbirds, and who knows what else. It's common to spot between 35 and 50 species here at this time of year. Tasty picnic lunch included, carpooling advised. You'll need binoculars, but if you don't have them we can arrange to provide. 

Sunday, Jan. 22nd. Alternate date of Jan. 29th in the event of rain.
8:30 AM-2 PM. $50/person. (4 person minimum, 10 person maximum)
(42% of people who read this listing also carefuly considered the following auction item.)

Introduction to firearms
Learn the basic rules of safe handling of firearms, review basic handling, inspection, loading and unloading, and the basics of shooting. You will have the opportunity to fire a variety of firearms, including semi-automatic pistols, revolvers and a shot gun. Includes range fees, eye and ear protection and targets, and all ammunition. Offered by David A. Brown.
(Must be over 18 years of age, have valid California ID, no felony convictions or convictions for misdemeanors involving violence or threats of violence, and must not be subject to a domestic or civil restraining order.)

AMSEC TF Series Safe TF5517
Alan Baer knows security. For this year's auction he's selected a safe that will protect both guns from fire and valuables from burglary attacks. This safe passed a 30 minute, 350F factory fire test certification. This safe lists for over $1,000.

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