The Flywheel

NEXT MEETING: June 14, 2019

Assembymember Buffy Wicks

Elected last November, to represent Assembly District 15, which includes West County to Oakland, she’s championed legislation, to strengthen California’s consumer privacy laws, and  to reestablish California’s Healthy Start program, and to address California’s housing crisis. She’ll discuss these and other priorities.


MEETING OF June 7, 2019


Past President, and the first person you call when you lock yourself out of your house, ALAN BAER, Armor Lock Smith, rang the bell to start our first June meeting.  Alan called on Past President and local immigration attorney, JOSH SUROWITZ ,to lead the pledge.  Josh opined that he has been out of the country for several weeks and may be on his way back to Spain and other foreign territories, and due to old age and memory loss may not remember all the words, but with the help of his fellow rotarians, we completed the pledge.

HERB COLE brought us back to normal with his invocation:  A moment of silence for peace, justice and freedom on earth.

SID the CA CHAUVIN announced that the Thought for the Day was all about him, as follows:  “I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me”.  So, don’t annoy Sid.


Recognitions and Happy and Sad Dollars

RICK AMBROSE called on Rotarians for recognition and happy/sad dollars:

  • HERB COLE celebrated his 55th wedding anniversary with a trip to Venice (Italy, not California)
  • JIM FINDLEY celebrated his 52nd year since graduating from DeAnza High School
  • DON LAU honored our own Rotarian ELOF GRANBERG, on the 75th anniversary of D-Day
  • In June 1941, Elof joined the Canadian Army “Regina Rifles” regiment and after basic training left for England. He landed with his regiment on Juno Beach, France – D-Day 1944, near Calais, France. He served until 1945, receiving five medals and attaining the rank of sergeant.
  • JOSH SUROWITZ had happy and sad dollars reporting on his upcoming travels to Barcelona, Milan and other exotic sites that will accommodate traveling with four (4) young children.  Good luck Josh!
  • DARLENE DRAPKIN had happy dollars and educated us on her upcoming temporary position with the US Census, reminding us of the importance of responding to the census.
  • PAM JONES had happy dollars that her two grandchildren allowed her to visit with them this past week in London.  She was also happy that her daughter started a new job at Spotify in London.
  • NICK DESPOTA was happy that Pam volunteered to be the scribe today.  Our often traveled immigration attorney Josh (mention above) posed the question to Nick about the cost to “buy out” any obligation he might have should he draw the obligation to be scribe in the future and choose not to serve.  The buyout option for Rotarians, other than Josh, is $20.00.  Due to Josh’s heavy travel schedule, it was determined that if he should show up at a meeting, and be chosen, and choose not to serve, he should pay $100.00.
  • HERB COLE was happy to honor ELOF GRANBERG for his service on World War II with the Regina Rifle Regiment of the Canadian Army and reminded us that Elof (Grandberg International) had been a prolific inventor and held numerous (more than 10) patents related to chain saws and the sawmill industry.
  • ALAN BAER was happy/sad that he received a last minute call again this year for the opportunity to drive local students to Camp Royal on Sunday June 9 for their annual camp, located 1.5 hours northwest of Redding.
  • RICK AMBROSE was happy that his son will be receiving his MBA degree from UCLA.  His son is already working in the area of entertainment law and is looking forward to a career in sports management where he is already working as an agent.



– Pam, volunteer  “Rotating Editor”