The Flywheel

August 23, 2019

NEXT MEETING: August 23, 2019

Groundwork Richmond

Groundwork Richmond works with partners, residents, and our community’s youth to restore the environment & train the next generation of environmental stewards. Matt Holmes, Executive Director, will discuss the program’s efforts to replenish crucial environmental systems that our communities depend on, especially in underserved neighborhoods that need it most.
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  • Jan announced a Polio Minute for END POLIO NOW. Here is what your dollars are achieving:
    • Africa is about to be declared polio free (0 cases in 3 years).
    • Rotary is ramping up efforts to rid polio in the only two countries which reported new cases of polio last year (Afghanistan and Pakistan)
    • Rotary is investing in vulnerable countries that are polio-free so they may stay that way.
  • Hank Covell found historic photos of the Richmond Rotary Roadrunners who ran in the 1982 Bay-to-Breakers race that he organized. It is a great centennial memory that included Hank, Tom Butt and Norm Lundberg!
  • TGIFF is Friday August 30th and the Richmond club is hosting the event at Rigger’s Loft. (It’s our turn in the BARSHEEP club Presidents’ rotation.)       Jan encouraged us all to attend and bring our friends, and business associates.
  • Don Lau announced the new fundraising initiative “Club 100” asking 100% support by club members (and friends) towards our Miraflores Centennial project. Check your email for a letter from Don about the Club 100 campaign or contact him for more information.

MEETING OF August 16, 2019


President Jan welcomed everyone to the friendly Richmond Rotary. Simon Ellis led the Pledge of Allegiance and Herb Cole led the invocation. Sid Chauvin was standing in as Sergeant of Arms for Alan Blavins (who was presenting one of his “fish stories” to the Concord Rotary today). Sid gave the thought for the day.

Visiting Rotarians and Guests

There were three guests. Two were brought by Nakele Rechenauer. They were Nina Costales and Robert Garvey. Steve Kirby of Hercules Rotary was also in attendance.

Recognitions and Happy and Sad Dollars

  • Oscar Garcia recognized Connie Tritt for her birthday coming up next week. She remarked that she will be packing her office on her birthday as she is moving her office.
  • David Brown was happy that he had received a $2.00 check from the IRS refunding an expense due to the holiday auction.
  • Steve Kirby was happy to be going to Shimada and looking forward to the 100th anniversary event. He will be sure to talk up the event in Shimada.
  • Tom Butt asked “How many City Managers can you go through in a short amount of time?”       That comment brought on much laughter and some quiet chatter.


Project Second Chance

Our speaker was Elaine Kociolek of Project Second Chance about Adult Literacy.

Connie Tritt, Rotating Scribe