The Flywheel

December 13, 2019

NEXT MEETING: December 13, 2019

Holiday Auction This Friday!

This Friday is the Big Day! We count on our annual Holiday Auction to raise the lion’s share of revenue that we distribute to non-profit organization and community projects citywide and beyond. That means when you do at least part of your holiday shopping at the Auction, you enrich the quality of life for residents throughout our community.

So come, spend freely (not hard, with unusual holiday gifts galore), and bring friends who share your commitment to making our world a better place to live.


  • Stacey Street reminded us that every member is expected to contribute to the Auction. We still need certificates for services, restaurants, gift baskets and other items for our Silent Auction tables.  She also urged us to bring guests to the Auction.  DOn’t worry—with live piano, freely flowing egg nog and wine, and an infectious feeling of fellowship, they will have a great time. Please plan to arrive by 11:30. Buffet starts at noon.
  • Pam  Jones asked all members to “Buy a Kid a Bike” ASAP so the fleet of two-wheelers will be fully ready to ride by Christmas. Use the Donate button in the right column, below the kids on bike graphic.
  • Pam also asked every member to bring an unwrapped toy and canned goods to the Auction.  Toys should be for children aged 10 to 12.
  • Rotary Lite will take place at El Agave Azul Restaurant, from 6:00 – 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, December 17th (Third Tuesday of each month.).
  • The Richmond Rotary Board Meeting will take place at El Agave Azul restaurant, from 5:00 – 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, December 17 (before Rotary Lite)New Members: Think about attending this Board Meeting!

MEETING OF December 6, 2019


Our President Jan Brown opened the meeting. Simon Ellis led us in the Pledge and Herb Cole did the invocation for peace, freedom and justice on earth. Sergeant-at-Arms Alan Blavins gave a thought for the day.

Visiting Rotarians and Guests

Steve Kirby, Hercules Rotarian
Merrill Pierce, Teacher from Verde Elementary School – Guest of Mark Howe
Paul Werner, Retired College Professor of Psychology Research
Michael Cobarrubis, Speaker from Rubicon

Special Events

Gerald Fay presented his “Who Am I” talk.
(Richmond Rotary’s father & son membership – his son is Brian Fay.)

Gerald is the youngest of 5 children. He has a twin brother. His mother moved from Minnesota to Washington State.  His family moved to Richmond, California, when he was four years old. In l960, his older brother convinced him to join the National Guard. He worked for Standard Oil, first as a welder, then inspector, for 37 years. In l970, he married his wife, who passed just before their 48th Wedding Anniversary.  Gerald has two children, a son and a daughter. Gerald’s family goal is “To be remembered as a person they can count on!”

Recognitions and Happy and Sad Dollars

Oscar Garcia conducted Recognitions and Happy & Sad Dollars.

  • Henry Mo celebrated his birthday on December 11th!
  • Erle Brown had a Club Anniversary (43 Years) as of December 1st.   A member since 1976!   He will be making a contribution to the Foundation
  • Henry Mo had happy dollars for Salesian High School in their first Norcal Football Championship Game. They are hoping for a win in San Jose.
  • Josh Genser had happy dollars for two events:  Josh Surowitz’s Beef Bourguignon Dinner and Connie Tritt’s Hike on Angel Island.  Josh had a sad dollar – first time in a decade, he had to pay Erle on the bet of the big game – Stanford vs Cal !
  • Erle Brown had happy dollars – For 9 long years, I have been waiting for this…(holds up his bottle of bourbon from Josh).
  • David Brown had happy dollars that he survived his trip to Israel, surrounded by kids with automatic weapons.
  • Michael Cobarrubis, guest speaker, had happy dollars to be here.  He is also a Cal Bear fan!
  • Herb Cole had happy dollars for a great week sailing the Danube River with his family.  It was very moving and exciting!
  • Jim Findley had happy dollars for all of his family members celebrating birthdays this month.
  • Pam Jones had happy dollars that Liliane is cooking a Madagascar Dinner with alcohol from there.
  • Liliane Koziol had happy dollars to be going to Madagascar.  She will be bringing back spices and rum!
  • Jan Brown had happy dollars – Go Bears!