The Friendly Richmond Rotary Club

We are a diverse group of people from business, the nonprofit sector, and government who share a common goal: to create lasting change within our world and ourselves. To learn more or visit one of our weekly meetings, please contact our president, Stacey Street.


It’s what you do, not what you say, that counts. And we do a lot.


Who we are and how to get in touch: find out in our Members Directory.


During the Covid-19 pandemic, we’re keeping physically distanced but staying socially connected.

The Billboard

Richmond Rotarian and Director of the Richmond Museum of History, Melinda McCrary, is challenging you to a trivia game. She invites you to take close look at the historic mural by famed artist Victor Arnautoff and see how many Richmond landmarks you can identify. “Special insider tip just for my fellow Rotarians. Bonus points if you can locate the image of Hitler!”

Whether or not you accept Melinda’s challenge, we encourage you to take a couple of minutes to learn about the art work commissioned by the U.S. Treasury Department in 1941 for the new post office at 1025 Nevin Avenue. It portrays pre-war Richmond and the contributions that organized labor to the city’s growing prosperity.