The Flywheel

September 21, 2018

NEXT MEETING: September 21, 2018

Leadership Skills Development

Join Richmond local Kit Pappenheimer, an experienced leadership coach. Kit has created Leadership in Motion, an innovative approach to Leadership Skill Development.

This session will be engaging and energizing as we listen to one another, move together and connect. See you then.


Alan Baer asked that we mark our calendars for the District Assembly taking place in Fairfield on October 20th, between 8:30 AM and 1:30 PM. We’ll be recognizing our 100-year anniversary, and all are welcome to attend. More details will follow.

MEETING OF September 14, 2018


President Jerry Feagley called the meeting to order in our new alternate venue, a conference room at Hilltop Mall. Herb gave the invocation. Filling in for Syd—what a thankless task—Tamara offered a thought-for-the-day that spotlighted the value of investing in education. Given today’s line-up of speakers and guests, the thought was well-chosen.

Recognitions and Happy and Sad Dollars

  • Jan had happy dollars for having a week with friends in Quebec at the Quenville Farmhouse along the Saint Lawrence River. Courtesy of Darlene Quenville and Jon Lawlis, this was a 2017 Rotary Holiday Auction item. It was a wonderful way to see rural life in Eastern Canada and the nearby city of Montreal!
  • Herb was happy to see principals of our high schools among today’s guests. In the past, he told us, principals of WCCUSD were members of their local Rotary clubs. What’s more the superintendents of the District were also Rotary members. Hint, hint.
  • Tamara was happy to be a speaker at the El Cerrito Rotary. One member gave her a $200 donation for books from her Multicultural Bookstore, to go to Stege Elementar. Another member is sponsoring book purchases for an El Cerrito elementary school
  • Jerry reported that he was happy to have taken a trip with his daughter.
  • Calling attention to the great excess of food on the serving table, Nick was happy that Jerry would be bringing the surplus to GRIP, which provides food for homeless people in Richmond. Thank you, Jerry.
  • Fearless Ex-Flier David Brown was impressed to learn about a 17-year-old girl who successfully landed her airplane on her solo flight—after being told by the tower that one of her landing gear wheels had fallen off immediately after take-off.


We know there were a couple more of you who had happy dollars that are not mentioned above. We apologize. The flood of reports and accounts was flowing a bit too rapidly to keep up with. We’ll do better next time.


A report on the West County Unifed School District

WCCUSD is on a path that will lead to increased success. Many new programs for schools have led to a visible improvement in grades and student participation. Mr. Duffy acknowledged that it is with the help of the community, organizations and individuals that the school district is experiencing the more favorable WCCUSD statistics.

Mr. Duffy’s goals of improving teacher and employee compensation, strengthening early literacy and supporting English learners have been effective.

The Superintendent highlighted several initiatives that are bringing positive changes to the District. They include the expanding the K-8 model to three additional schools, raising the number of language immersion program seats, implementing math and writing projects at various schools, and increasing the focus on the lowest performing schools through the Kennedy Family Initiative.

Partnerships have made a big difference. Among the most important partners are Chevron, which is supporting the very popular FAB LAB; Contra Costa College; the PTA. The District is continually looking for partnerships to help drive ongoing success at WCCUSD schools.

Principals from three area high schools spoke briefly about their schools’ accomplishments and their vision for the future. THey were Summerlyn Sigler, from DeAnza High School; Felicia Phillips, from Kennedy; and Jose De Leon, from DeAnza. Their enthusiasm was infectious.

Tamara Shiloh, Rotating Scribe