Each year the Richmond Rotary supports a wide variety of community and international projects. The support can take the form of hands-on-volunteering, financial assistance, or both.

This page lists the projects and organizations that we are currently supporting, at home and abroad.

Community Support 2022-24

Art of Peace
“Time for Peace” sculpture of decommissioned firearms

Bay Area Girls Club
College Bound Program

Bikes for Kids
Bikes for Fire and Police Toy Program

Cinco de Mayo
Cinco de Mayo Parade 23rd street

Support moving from unhoused to housed

Freedom School-Easter Hill UMC
Afterschool enrichment for Summer School

Eastshore Neighborhood Council
Easter Egg Hunt

Friends of Richmond Recreation
Tree for Roundabout near Pogo Park

Dining Room Tables

Housing First
Rent for previously unhoused

Masquers Playhouse
Warehouse bathroom remodel

Miraflores Project
Spring Fling with PPNC at Miraflores

New Life Movement

Weaving and Rug Making Equipment

Peres Teacher Support
$100 for 29 teachers

Peres Book Club
Stipends for 3rd grade teachers

Peres Backpacks
Back to School Back pack program

Peres Tanita Dental Clinic
Admin support for Reopening

BTA court resurfacing

Pogo Park
Art Station after school program

Richmond Art Center
WCCUSD Art Show Reception

Richmond Food Pantry
General support

RotaCare Meals
Meals for volunteers 2 months

RotaCare TCC
RotaCare TCC grant submitted by Alamo

Salesian College Prep
Golf Tee Sponsor

Teen Moms
Mother’s Day Gift Bags

West County Salesian Youth Club
Support summer field trips

West County Reads
Cultural, bilingual, graphic novels

SOS! Richmond
20 Tents for unhoused residents

YES Nature to Neighborhoods
Five Summer Camperships


International Projects 2022-23

The total spent on all of these projects was $23,500 ($14,500 from club funds and $9,000 from individual donations from club members and Berkeley Rotary)

Help a Life Foundation
Funding for the construction of a kitchen for a girls school in Ethiopia, and for books, uniforms, and clothes for the girls

Namungoona Children Art Center
Funding for construction of an additional building for an Art Center to expand the art program for children in Uganda

Los Ayala Classroom Project
Funding for the construction of a primary school room in Los Ayala, Mexico

Amarok Society
Funding for a sponsorship for a school to teach mothers to teach children in Bangladesh

Cardiac Care Unit in Monterey, Mexico
Funding for a cardiac prevention program for low income patients in Monterey, Mexico


Community Support 2021-2022

Bikes for Kids
CC Youth Service Bureau
Early Childhood Mental Health Program (ECMHP)
Greater Richmond Interfaith Program (GRIP)
Housing First (support from Mayor’s Fund)
Miraflores Centennial Project 2020: An Immigrant Story
Peres After School Book Club
Peres Teacher Support
Pickleball (East Bay)
Pogo Park
Richmond Art Center
Richmond Food Pantry
Richmond Museum
Salesian College Prep
Teen Moms
WCC Salesian Boys and Girls
International Projects 2021-2022

Help a Life Foundation
La Prepa High School
Juticalpa Water Project