Flywheel Archive, 1984-2002

This archive includes nearly 19 years of The Richmond Rotary Flywheel, from 1984 to 2002. Until early 1997, the Flywheel was a one-page, two-sided newsletter, composed on a typewriter, photocopied on Club stationery, and mailed weekly to each club member. Each issue carried 24 ads for local businesses.

In February 1997, computers entered into the picture. The newsletter began to be written on a word processor, printed on a laser printer, then photocopied. But despite the evolution in production technology, the content and format remained mostly unchanged.

This archive is available today thanks to the diligence of Don Hardison (you’ll see his name on the mailing labels) and Betty Hardison (who, her daughter Jan tells us, just resisted the urge to throw them out). We also owe a debt of gratitude to David Brown, who performed the yeoman’s work of scanning both sides of each issue, and organizing the files into the annual collections presented here.

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