Committees & Officers

All new members are required to join a committee. If you're new to the Club, welcome!. Please contact the chair of the committee you're interested in, to get more information about its scope of activities, meeting times, and more.


Membership Committee: Edgar De Leon (chair)

Community Service: (chair)

Social Committee: Shana Bagley (chair)

Speaker Program coordinator: Darlene Rios Drapkin

Website: Nick Despota (webmaster) E-mail
Flywheel scribes: Josh Genser, Don Lau, Darlene Quenville, Stacey Street, Tamara Shiloh, Josh Surowitz, Connie Tritt

Ad hoc sub-committees may be formed when service projects are adopted.

International Services

Norm Lundberg, chair (E-mail).

Vocational Services

Interact Club project, Henry Moe, chair (E-mail).


Holiday Auction committee

Stacey Street(e-mail), David Brown, Nick Despota, Don Lau, Henry Moe, Connie Tritt.