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Planting trees in a local park with Groundwork Richmond

Here we answer some frequently asked questions about becoming a member the Richmond Rotary Club.

Membership in Richmond Rotary is by invitation. This means that a new prospective member needs a member of Richmond Rotary to invite them into membership, typically after they have visited our club (in person or via zoom), have a basic understanding of the goals of Rotary, and they have indicated a desire to join.

“Are all Rotary Clubs the same?”
Richmond Rotary is a part of Rotary International with over 35,000 clubs worldwide. Each club has the same guiding principles (, but will vary in fees, costs, and club traditions. The best way to get to know a club is to visit.

“What are the costs and expectations of membership in Richmond Rotary?”
In a nutshell, prospective members should know:

  • There is no application fee.
  • Dues are $200 for the fiscal year (July 1- June 30), payable upon induction into the club. An installment plan in two payments is available for prospective members who request it. $100 each year to the Rotary International Foundation is encouraged (but not a requirement of membership).
  • Richmond Rotarians are expected to attend meetings regularly, engage in volunteer opportunities, and participate in the club’s major fundraisers — the Annual Holiday Auction and Crab Feed fundraisers usually in early December and late January. Costs for lunch vary (currently $25/meal). It is not required that you purchase lunch at our meetings, but meal purchase contributes to our club’s ability to meet the minimum required for reserving the space and our desire to fairly compensate the local foodservice industry.

Assembling kids’ bikes, purchased for a holiday benefit with our Police and Fire Departments.

“I’m a member of Richmond Rotary. I would like to invite someone to join our club. Where’s the application?”
First, invite them to the club! Your guest, if a prospective member, is entitled to one free meal. Once a prospective member has met other members, understands the rewards and expectations of membership, and has expressed a desire to join, send them the application link below via email or text. Offer to be their sponsor or find a fellow club member to sponsor or co-sponsor.
Richmond Rotary Club Member Application.

“How do I join Rotary if I don’t have a sponsor?”
Contact any member of Richmond Rotary, or our Membership Chair, Membership Chair, Yenny Garcia; or President Henry Moe. They will help you get connected to a club member or sponsor.

“How do I submit the application?”
The most expedient process for submission of the application is for the prospective member to complete and submit the form online directly. The Richmond Rotary Club Member Application form can also be printed and mailed to Rotary Club of Richmond California, PO Box 70643, Richmond, CA 94807-0643 or printed and handed in at a Club meeting.

 “What happens after the membership application has been submitted?”
If submitted online, the application creates a new ‘proposed’ member record in the Rotary DACdb database which is automated to alert the Club Secretary and President. Once an application is received, the Secretary acknowledges receipt of the application and will keep the applicant informed of its status. The form is checked for complete information, assigned a vocation classification, and the prospective member’s name is submitted to the Board. If approved, the name is submitted to the Club for final confirmation.

Rotarians and friends raised funds with a tour at SFMOMA.