NEXT MEETING: December 20, 2013

Rodney "Alamo" Brown and the talent of Richmond

Rodney “Alamo” Brown  is something of a legend in the city where he was reared and spent his formative years.  He was raised in Pullman Point formerly known as Richmond Townhouses aka “Globe Town”, a 270-unit, low-income housing project.  He witnessed violence and drug dealings.

Alamo became a rapper and after an encounter with Warren Buffet’s son, Peter, at the age of 17 founded his own record label “Globetown Records”, with the help of three other Richmond natives, Ramon Avella, Marvin Saucer and Sonny Graves.

Alamo has written a book entitled If My Eyes Could Rewind, a collection of profiles which shows the wealth of talented Richmond natives.  He will tell us about the history of Richmond, including his famous song as well as his future projects.



President Liliane rang the bell. Alan Blavins led us in the pledge. George Egan led the invocation. Liliane was happy to have the Richmond Firefighters here for the toy drive.

Visiting Rotarians and Guests

There were four firefighters here for the toy drive. Richmond Fire Chief Michael Banks, Captain Ed Valdivia, Engineer Will Bachman and Firefighter Daniel James.


  • Our HolidayAuction results are excellent! All in all, things ran more smoothly this year, compared to last. We raised a truly impressive $22,607, of which $371 went to the John Nicol Fund.  Several hundred dollars more remains to be collected.
  • We also collected an additional $1,940 for bikes and $450 for the Philippines Relief fund. David Brown announced that “We killed the bikes project!”  Latest figures bring us to $11,964 in donations.  That’s 254 bikes, with change (or is that “chains”) left over.
  • The Auction Committee will meet to debrief. Don Lau led the auction team who were made up of Joe Bagley, David Brown, Alan Blavins, Joan Davis, Nick Despota, Heather Kulp, Lynn Martin, Henry Moe, Josh Surowitz, Connie Tritt and Jim Young.
  • Foundation Report from Connie Tritt: If you are close to your next Paul Harris think about Year End Contributions to finish it off, allocate the points you earn and give them to others, Philippine Relief Fund donations do not count toward a Paul Harris
  • Crab Feed is on February 8th and we need all members to ask friends to attend. Price is $40 per person.
  • The Rotary 5160 Trading Post is up and running online for Rotarians to buy and sell goods. Our very own Stoney has posted is award winning BBQ sauce.
  • The Bangladesh Vespas project is within $57 of being complete. That means that is $57 more comes in then the Richmond Rotary Club can purchase 2 Vespas for women in Bagladesh to go to each town and train about water safety. Pinole Rotary and the Berkeley International House have each contributed funds to the Project.
  • The Richmond Country Club will open its doors for businesses and groups to hold lunch meetings on their facility on Tuesdays and Fridays.
  • A terrific video of the Arbor Day Tree Planting Project has been posted on YouTube. Thanks to Felix for organizing the event, and Lana Husser, who put the video together.


Happy and Sad Dollars

Norm’s Nonsense

You know you’re getting old when …
-You are supposed to respect your elders but it’s getting harder and harder to find one.
-You get into heated arguments about pension plans.
-People call at 9am or 9pm and ask, “Did I wake you?”
-Life seems little more than one long march to and from the lavatory.


The Richmond/El Cerrito Fire & Police Holiday Toy Program

Fire Chief Michael Banks, a stand in for Rod who runs the Toy Drive, stated that Rod has been working on the toy drive for 26 years. Rod is always looking on ways to improve it. He thanked Richmond Rotary for their involvement in the drive and especially the focus on bicycles. Richmond Rotarians provided over 200 bikes for the event. Chief Banks said the best part of the day is watching the face of each child as they receive the gifts and encourages any of the Richmond Rotarians to come down and see the smiles. Don Lau reiterated to come and join this wonderful giving event at the EM Downer Family YMCA at 263 South 20th Street on December 21 at 6:30am and be a part of the Christmas Spirit.

Henry Moe, Rotating Scribe