NEXT MEETING: July 10, 2015
No meeting on July 3rd!

Social Media: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Forty minutes per day. That’s the average time the population spends on social media platforms. The fastest-growing demographic on Facebook is 52-67 year olds. (When is the last time you saw someone who was NOT holding their smartphone?)
Social media has changed the way we communicate as humans, as businesses, and as organizations. With this change, as in everything, comes the good, the bad and the ugly.
Jason Hanson, marketing manager at The Light Digital here in Richmond, will guide you through the changing landscape of communication, highlighting what social media can – and can’t – do for you.

MEETING OF June 26, 2015


For his last time as Club President, Stoney Stonework called the meeting to order at the Richmond Country Club and Joe Bagley led the pledge of allegiance. Stoney asked for a moment of silence for freedom, peace, and justice on earth. Erle Brown chimed in with a grin and a silent prayer for today’s Demotion marking the end of Stoney’s second stint as Club President. Sid Chauvin provided this thought for the day: On getting old, sooner or later you stop lying about your age and start bragging about it.

Visiting Rotarians and Guests

  • Sid Chauvin’s guest was his wife, Zelpha.
  • Pam Jones’s guests were her daughter, Amanda Floyd, and her granddaughter, Penelope Lane Floyd.
  • Mike Winter’s guest was Scott Nicol, son of Richmond Rotarian, John Nicol. Scott noted how important and special Rotary was to his father, who is missed by all.
  • Stoney’s guests were his wife, Mary Anna, and his daughter, Lisa Tolbert.

Special Events

Stacey Street was honored with a plaque from Stoney for doing an excellent job as Program Chair over the past year. Way to go, Stacey!


  • The Club will not meet on July 3rd. The next regular meeting of the Richmond Rotary Club will be on Friday, July 10.
  • In his Sunshine Report, Bill Koziol recounted a fun conversation with Ralph Hill about the pros and cons of a bed bath and how, if done properly by the attendant, it can shave decades off the bather’s mental age. Bill also spoke with Charlie Wong, who sends greetings to all along with appreciation for the Club’s recognition of his and Jean’s 66th wedding anniversary. Lastly, Bill reported that Betty Hardison is in Alta Bates hospital with pneumonia, so everyone’s encouraged to send positive thoughts and prayers.
  • Liliane Koziol presented the banner of a Rotary Club from a small town near Cologne, Germany. Having just returned with her husband, Ken, from an exciting drive-around-Europe vacation, Liliane was anxious to share greetings from the German Rotary Club they visited. A Richmond Club banner will be mailed to Germany for their collection.


Happy and Sad Dollars

Norm’s Nonsense




King Stoney presiding over his own dethronement.

Upon the occasion of Stoney’s Demotion as Richmond Rotary Club President, a fun time was had by all.

It was a kind of had-to-be-there event that involved a look at Stoney’s growing up in Ohio, that unexplainable Buckeye fan obsession, the many years in the hamburger (and sauce) business, escapades with his three brothers, and the enduring value of a beautiful family.

Among other things, it’s notable that this was Stoney’s second time as Richmond Rotary Club President, quite possibly the only time that’s happened in Club history. He answered the call of a Club in need of his service again and for that Richmond Rotary is grateful.

Stoney shared some personal thoughts on the “inclusive, caring, far-reaching, and giving” nature of Rotary and his gratitude for being a member. He pointed out to Scott Nicol how his father had invited him to join the Richmond Rotary poker crowd over 20 years ago. Long time poker enthusiast, Hank Covell, called Stoney an ok poker player and a good man.

Alan Baer officiated with the pinning and swearing in of new Club President, Alan Blavins.

Thank you, Stoney, and good luck, Alan!

- Tom Waller, Rotating Scribe