NEXT MEETING: November 30, 2018


This Friday, November 30th is the biggest, funnest fundraiser of the year, our Annual Holiday Auction. Our members have come up with some truly amazing gifts. Have a look.

Here are four things you need to know.


Come early
The Auction kicks off at noon sharp on Friday. But if you show up at 12 you’ll miss the opportunity to schmooze
with your pals, grab seats of your choice, enjoy libations and generally add to the festive ambience. So if you can, please plan to show up at least by about 11:45.

Bring a generous heart—and friends with same
Last year our club gave over $67,000 to local community organizations. That money has made a positive difference in the lives of thousands of our neighbors—tiny kids, young families, students, seniors. (Check this out.) Doing that depends on all of us. It depends on you.

Haven’t donated yet?
There’s still a small handful of you. (See sidebar here.) Please do it now.

Click either the “Post my item” button near the top of the Auction page, or to make a monetary contribution, the “Donate” button. You can also send Stacey an e-mail describing your gift.

Got a Live Auction item?
Have you planned a unique social experience for the Auction? Great!

To help our team accurately present it in the Live Auction, please send an email to Stacey today with a brief description.

That’s it! See you Friday.





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