NEXT MEETING: August 16, 2019

Project Second Chance

Project Second Chance is the Contra Costa County library’s adult literacy program. We help adults (17+) with very basic reading, writing, and spelling. We’ll learn about the scope of the problem and the unique services that PSC offers to help these adults who are hard to reach other than by word-of-mouth. You’ll also learn how service-minded members of the community can help by volunteering with the program. 

MEETING OF August 9, 2019


President Jan Brown opened the meeting with Tamara Shiloh leading us in the pledge, Jim Findley leading the invocation and Alan Blavins providing a thought for the day.

Visiting Rotarians and Guests

Ken Lindgren (Darlene’s husband) and Diego Garcia (owner of Leftside Printing in Richmond) were the guests of Darlene Drapkin.

Cheryl Maier was the guest of her husband, Bob Dabney.

Also visiting us today was Carey Hawkins Ash, from the Making Waves Academy

Today’s Speaker(s) on Richmond’s Homeless Crisis: Tom Herriman of SOS (Safe Organized Spaces), introduced himself as the founding Rotarian of a Seattle club chapter. Joining him were Daniel Barth and Christina Redse.

Special Events

Cecilia Orozco earned her blue badge of membership! Mike Winter, Cecilia’s sponsor, did the honors of the presentation. Congratulations Cecilia!


Erle Brown announced our annual collection to benefit 31 classroom teachers of Peres Elementary School by the time school starts in September. 31 Rotarian are needed to give $100 each.
• Save-the-date: Richmond Rotary hosts a TGIF on Friday, August 30 at Riggers Loft. Richmond. BARSHEEP members and their guests are welcome!
Tamara Shiloh announced a National Book-Lover-Day event at the Multi-Cultural Bookstore; this Saturday, the Multi-Cultural Bookstore is sponsoring the Food Bank benefit.
Norm Lundberg, our International Chair, commended the work of the WASH program in Honduras (last week’s speaker) with a gracious offer of support. Anyone who would like to contribute should designate their donation to the WASH Honduras grant.
• The Centennial Planning Committee invites those who would like to lend a hand in preparing a historic video for showing at our Centennial Dinner to contact Stacey Street.


Happy and Sad Dollars

Norm’s Nonsense


- Orange Ball Scribe