NEXT MEETING: December 6, 2019

Helping people achieve economic mobility

Rubicon’s vision is an East Bay without poverty. Our program model equips participants for long-term economic mobility through guided participation and achievement in four areas: Income, Assets, Wellness, and Community Connections.

In Richmond, most participants are reentering the community following incarceration. The scattered reentry landscape is itself an obstacle for this population, challenging to navigate even for those with ample psychological and practical resources. Rubicon’s whole person model equips people, under one roof, with the tools needed for sustained stability. We look forward to sharing a brief presentation of Rubicon Programs with you, including the perspective of a program participant.

MEETING OF November 22, 2019


President Jan Brown opened the meeting, Henry Moe led the pledge, Jim Findley held a moment of silence for Peace Justice and Freedom on Earth and we had no thought for the day.

Visiting Rotarians and Guests

Tamara Shiloh, Khalieghya Dandie-Evans, Azura Nguyen
and Ms. Dandie

  • Cathy Durfee from Walnut Creek Rotary was visiting today. Cathy is also on the Board of the Rosie the Riveter Trust.
  • Membership chair, Tamara Shiloh, introduced new member, Ms. LaTanya Dandie, and her two guests, Ms. Dandie’s daughter and her daughter’s best friend, who just happens to be Tamara’s niece. Small world!

Special Events

Ms. Dandie was inducted into the Club by Tamara Shiloh. Her sponsor is Darlene Drapkin.


  • Our HOLIDAY AUCTION is December 13. If you haven’t already made your donation to the Auction, please do it now. To build the most interest and bring out the most guests, Nick told us, it’s important that our Auction page is stuffed with great stuff—and soon!
  • We were greeted by four new beautiful banners, displaying Rotary flags from all over the world courtesy of Sid and, of course, Zelpha!  Sid counts 75 more flags that still need to be prepared. Thank you Sid and Zelpha for a great gift of history.
  • Pam Jones reminds members to bring to the Auction on December 13 unwrapped canned food and unwrapped gifts for children around 10 years old. (Think baseball, soccer ball, art supplies . . .).
  • Rotary Lite will take place at at El Agave Azul , from 6-7:30 PM, on December 17.
  • Richmond Rotary Board Meeting at El Agave Azul, from 5 – 6 PM, on December 17 (before Rotary Lite)
  • A Club Assembly will take place on December 20


Happy and Sad Dollars

Norm’s Nonsense


Tom Leatherman, Superintendent at National Park Service historic sites in the East Bay, provided an overview of Rosie the Riveter/WWII Home Front National Historic Park, calling attention to the Park’s lasting impacts and benefits.

- Henry Moe, “Rotating Editor”