NEXT MEETING: September 25, 2020

Rev. David Vásquez-Levy, President, Pacific School of Religion

Rev. Dr. David Vásquez-Levy serves as President of Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, California -a progressive, multi denominational seminary and center for social justice that prepares theologically and spiritually rooted leaders to work for the well-being of all. A committed Pastor, a nationally recognized immigration leader, and a sought after speaker, Vásquez-Levy leads at the intersection of faith, higher education, and social change. Vásquez-Levy regularly contributes a faith perspective to the national conversation on immigration, including speaking at a Congressional briefing and participating in two immigration consultations at the White House. He is currently engaged in a series of public conversations with various State Attorneys around the country in an effort to reframe our national conversation about immigration.

He has worked on and consulted on a number of documentaries on immigration, labor, and human rights and is the author of various publications that explore migration stories in sacred texts and in people’s lives. He has lived in four countries, including working on refugee resettlement in Canada, and taught courses and led international study and service trips across the globe. Vásquez-Levy holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Texas Lutheran University and a Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry degrees from the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, including studies at Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich, Germany.

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  • Dave Brown wished everyone a happy New Year’s Eve for the upcoming year 5781.
  • Our annual tradition of raising $100 for each teacher at Peres Elementary School was announced by Erle Brown. This year is especially important because of Covid-19. The teachers still need additional supplies and it is important that they obtain everything they need to teach their students virtually. Look for The Peres School as an option under our PayPal button. There are 27 teachers at Peres School that need our help.
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Happy and Sad Dollars

Norm’s Nonsense


September 19th Program – Discuss our club response to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: our club goals and program history

President Stacey Street-Spight noted that Erle’s announcement about our annual program at Peres School was the perfect introduction into our topic of the day, our club programs and Committees.

Don Lau reported on the Community Services Committee program history, partnerships with other clubs, and upcoming events:

  • Tutoring 3rd graders at Peres School
  • Dental clinic
  • Bikes for kids
  • SOS Richmond mobile shower transportation
  • Dark room remodel at Museum of History
  • Village concept for Richmond – Follow up on Ashby Village presentation

Norm Lundberg introduced the International Committee team members and invited all members to participate in the once a month meeting and consider traveling to meet our grantees in person. He reviewed the strategy and scope of the International Committee programs and the targeted populations: Health, Sanitation, and Education for women, children and people impacted by poverty. Every program must be located near our location and already have a fellowship with a local Rotary club and an existing Rotary International grantee designation to facilitate long term sustainability. Programs include:

  • Wheelchair accessibility support in Mexico
  • Water well in Madagascar
  • Honduras project with Concord Rotary club
  • Literacy project in Guatemala
  • Mother/child clinic with Vacaville Rotary club

Pierre Thompson, from the Communications Committee, advised that the speakers for the rest of the year have been scheduled and posted on the website. President Stacey thanked Pierre and committee chair, Nakele Rechenauer, for the new social media strategy to target younger potential members and the addition of an Instagram account.

President Stacey noted that the Miraflores centennial project event, our opportunity to celebrate and show appreciation for our donor contributions, has been postponed due to the ongoing shelter-in-place. As a result, other in-person fundraising events like the Annual Crab Feed are being evaluated for curbside pick up or virtual versions. She also noted that we need to find a connection between our donation request and the fundraiser, create virtual events to meet new people.

Next, the Zoom meeting participants were separated into breakout sessions, similar to our small lunch tables at the in-person Rotary meetings, to discuss the topic: our club response to diversity, equity, and inclusion. The group reconvened after the breakout sessions and one group had time to share their reflections: knowledge is power and education is the key. The book, An American Dilemma, written in 1944, was recommended by Stoney as a tool that can still be used to educate members on diversity, equity, and inclusion and how to use connection and inclusion to recruit new members and improve participation with existing members.

President Stacey thanked everyone for their participation and pledged to incorporate breakout groups into future meetings.