NEXT MEETING: August 18, 2017

Overaa Construction: Building for the Future Since 1907

Overaa Construction is a 4th generation, family owned and operated design-build general contractor. Headquartered in Richmond, CA with offices in San Jose and Oakland, Overaa Construction works throughout Northern California. As one of Bay Area’s top craft labor employers, Overaa is consistently ranked among the top national and regional general contractors. Its crews build churches, schools, offices, hospitals and labs, and over the years have been responsible for building much of the infrastructure in the Greater Bay Area. Chances are your drinking water comes from a plant Overaa worked on, your park in one of Overaa’s 86 parking structures, or your child attends a school built by Overaa crews. Come join Martha Castaneda, Overaa’s Marketing Manager, to learn more about the company’s history, current work and future projects.

MEETING OF August 11, 2017


Connie Tritt presided over today’s meeting. Mey Saechow led us in the Pledge and Erle Brown asked for a moment of silence for peace, freedom and justice on Earth.

Sid’s thought for the day was –  ‘My cardiologist has put me on a new diet, if it tastes good, spit it out.’

Connie reminded us again of Sid’s thought for the day just as everyone was enjoying their lunch!

Visiting Rotarians and Guests

Mack Robinson, Asst District Governor from San Pablo.


David Brown announced he received a letter from Erle Brown which he read: “My recently departed wife, Phyliss Brown, was a retired teacher. Phyllis left $10,000 to Richmond Rotary to be used in the following manner. Rotary will continue their program of donating $100 to each classroom teacher for material and supplies. When every classroom is funded then and only then will Richmond Rotary donate another $1000 to Peres School to be used for additional materials and supplies.  This $1000 donation is subject to the approval of the Board of directors of Richmond Rotary. David then started this year’s Classroom Teacher funding with $100 quickly followed by Erle with $200 and Alan Blavins with $100.


Happy and Sad Dollars

Norm’s Nonsense


Because this week’s speaker did not materialize, President Connie chose to have the attending group discuss last week’s concern from District Governor Vilhauer regarding dwindling membership, not just at Richmond Rotary (used to have 140 members, now only 53) but at Rotary Clubs throughout.

Pamela Jones questioned whether club should focus on being a membership organization or providing service. It might be for networking, business contacts.

The consensus appeared to be that Rotary needs to remain about service. Many in attendance agreed that’s why they joined and they appreciate the social aspect too.

Many commiserated about today’s fast pace of life and how attending weekly lunch meetings can be difficult. Many wondered whether two monthly meetings might be preferred or a dinner or breakfast meeting so as not to conflict with workday. Some wondered if the weekly lunch fee makes it difficult for some. Should Rotary consider changing the day of the week, having virtual meetings, or less meetings?

Young people may not be joining because their interactions have changed with the internet and social media.

The consensus is that people join because they appreciate the traditional Rotary social service component. They also like the hearing the speakers.

There is a need more service projects. On September 8th during our regular meeting we will attach Rotary stickers inside each of the 200+ books that were purchased for Richmond schools during President Josh’s term. This is an example of the type of events Rotary needs more of.

The upcoming tree planting project, yet to be defined, that Connie Tritt is spearheading, is another opportunity for Rotary to bond and work on!

Rotating Scribe: Darlene Rios Drapkin.