NEXT MEETING: July 28, 2019


Next Friday is the occasion of a Rotary tradition, the passing of the gavel as one president retires and another takes his place. For decades this has been called “Demotion”, but those who have shouldered the tasks of club leadership may prefer to think of it as a Promotion—back to life without those responsibilities. It’s in the eyes of the beholder.

We encourage you to attend on Friday and behold the transition, as Jan Brown assumes the role of club president. Don will do the honors of recapping Jerry’s year of club leadership. Should be fun.

MEETING OF June 21, 2019


President Feagley called the meeting to order. John Troughton, Herb Cole and Sid Chauvin led us in the pledge, invocation, and thought-for-the-day respectively.


Today we were pleased to welcome several new visitors to Richmond Rotary:

  • Y’Anad Burrell, CEO of Glass House Communications, introduced by Pierre Thompson
  • Carey Hawkins-Ash, Managing Director of Community Engagement & Growth with Making Waves Academy, guest of President Jerry
  • Alex Knox, Chief of Staff, Office of the Mayor, City of Richmond, introduced by David Brown
  • Mariana Moore, Director, Ensuring Opportunity (End Poverty Now) of Contra Costa County, introduced by Stacey Street
  • Sarah Wally with the Workforce Development Board of the City of Richmond


  • Dues are due! It’s easy: Click the yellow button to the right –>
  • Nick Despota requests the 2019-20 Board establish a ‘buy-out plan’ for members who draw the short straw (actually, the orange ball) but do not wish to, or cannot, scribe.
  • President Jerry Feagley announced the RPAL Carnival at Nichol Park August 23-25 to give kids a safe and fun summer activity. He would like to recruit a couple of Rotarians to provide a presence at the Carnival. Stay tuned.
  • Program Chair Darlene Drapkin announced that US Representative Mark DeSaulnier will be our speaker August 9 for his annual report to Richmond Rotary. Don’t miss it!


Happy and Sad Dollars

Norm’s Nonsense


- Jan Brown, Scribe for the day