NEXT MEETING: August 2, 2019

WASH in Schools: Honduras Project

Susan Cohen Grossman, International Service Chair of the Concord Rotary Club, will explain an ambitious international project in Honduras that addresses water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) issues in schools in Honduras. Hosted by the Tocoa Rotary Club in the Colon region of northeastern Honduras, the project has achieved success in its first year of implementation with plans to expand over the next 4 years.



Prez Jan Brown led the meeting, Jerry Feagley lead the Pledge, and Jim Findley gave the invocation for peace, justice and freedom on Earth. Alan Blavins thought for the day.

Jan Brown gave a Sunshine Report that Wally Arakozie is getting married.

In the context of the Club’s long history, she also observed that Mike Winter is our longest standing member at 52 years, and Nakele Rechenauer is our newest member. The life of Richmond Rotary, embodied in our membership, therefore spans from Mike to Nakele. Jan is very proud of our group and everything it brings to make Richmond a better place.

Visiting Rotarians and Guests

Jerry Feagley brought Daniel Butt surprise his father but, alas, Tom was not at the meeting.


  • Jan Brown announced encouraged everyone to check out the Richmond Rotary Calendar on this website to stay up to date on events and opportunities to volunteer. Some of the important dates in the calendar are October 18 when Flora Ninomiya will come and talk to our club. December 13 is our Holiday Auction and most important fundraiser for our club, January 25, 2020 is our Crab Feed and April 4th 2020 is our celebration of Richmond Rotary’s 100 year anniversary
  • Jan also reminded—or informed—the group that Walter Helms founded Richmond Rotary.


Happy and Sad Dollars

Norm’s Nonsense


- Henry Moe, always welcome scribe