December 7, 2018

NEXT MEETING: December 7, 2018

Shops at Hilltop Mall

Coming in 2019, the new “Shops at Hilltop.” This is promised to be an engaging, imaginative and regional destination for Bay Area residents to gather, play, dine and shop. Hilltop is managed and co-owned by LBG Real Estate Companies. Leslie Lundin, a principal will share what’s in store, describing and illustrating LBG’s vision for the redevelopment and re-imagining of the property starting with the retail portion and expanding to the development of the entire 77 acres site.


We usually gauge the success of our annual holiday auction in dollars. By that measure, our club did very well indeed—we raised more than $37,000. That money helps schools and diverse non-profit organizations fulfill their mission. It funds a range of projects that benefit residents of every age group. (Which organizations and projects?) Let’s congratulate ourselves.

But by focusing only on dollars, we risk ignoring other values that are not so easily measured. Let’s start with engagement: 88% of our members gave to the Auction this year. That high level of engagement reflects the contributions of roughly half of our members who rarely attend weekly meetings. Furthermore, it demonstrates an ethic of giving that, because it is usually expressed in private acts, may otherwise go unnoticed. Well, let’s notice.

Scanning the overflow crowd last Friday, let’s also notice that many of those in attendance were not Richmond Rotary members. We welcomed 10 Rotarians visiting from other clubs and 55 guests! Regard their attendance as an enlargement of the circle of goodwill drawn round our community, evidence of an expanding network for good whose effects ripple across our city and beyond.

Yes, the impact of the Holiday Auction cannot be measured in dollars. But we see it in the engagement, the goodwill, and the commitment to service that you and our Rotary friends demonstrate, during the Holiday Season and year-round.



The Holiday Party will take place at the Richmond Art Center on Saturday, December 8th, at 5:30 PM. This is a good opportunity to enjoy the camaraderie of fellow Rotarians, outside of the high stress environment of our weekly meetings. 😉

If you were not able to bring a toy and food item for the Richmond Police and Fire Department holiday program to our Holiday Auction last Friday, you can bring it to the Holiday Party.