January 12, 2018

NEXT MEETING: January 12, 2018

Why Are Reverse Mortgages Making Headlines?

Cheryl McCarthy is a local specialist and speaker on reverse mortgages. She assists homeowners ages 62 years and older to enhance their retirement by helping them convert the equity in their home to meet their specific needs and goals.

Cheryl will cover:
• New Thinking about Reverse Mortgages
• Myths and Misconceptions
• How to Tell if a Reverse Mortgage is Right For You


  • Grand Crab Master Erle Brown reminded all that our Annual Crab Feed will be on January 27 at Salesian High School. Tickets are $50 cash or credit (see button on right) to Treasurer David Brown (no relation). No Pay No Eat!
  • Josh Surowitz invited all to the Richmond Chamber Mixer co-sponsored by our Rotary Club and the Richmond Chamber of Commerce, this Thursday, January 11 at Richmond Country Club, 5 -7 PM.  This is a terrific opportunity to interest potential new Rotary members. And what better place to have a drink and get out of doing the dishes?
  • Final total for our Holiday Auction: $33,700!! Thanks to all for being very generous!

MEETING OF January 5, 2018


Prez Connie welcomed all to the first meeting of the new year! Erle Brown lead us in the pledge to the flag waving in the rain. Alan Baer asked for a moment of silence for peace and freedom.

Visiting Rotarians and Guests

Darlene Drapkin introduced us to her guest Polo Valdovinos (more later). Edgar DeLeon brought as his guest his son John, a student at U Mass.

Recognitions and Happy and Sad Dollars

Recognition Master Ric Ambrose did the honors:

  • Alan Baer celebrated his birthday on 12/25 with his dad in Medford, OR. I think he indicated he was on Santa’s Nice List.
  • Jerry Feagley celebrated his birthday on 12/12 and remembered a Frank Sinatra quote about folks born under the sing of Sagittarius.
  • Mike Winter celebrated his 82nd birthday on 12/15.
  • Hank Covell celebrated many years of wedded bliss with Doreen who he met a few years ago at the Y. He is very proud of his kids and many grandkids.
  • The Big Kahuna Jon Lawlis celebrated 22 years with our Rotary Club and a shout out to his sponsor Joe Nusbaum (you did good Joe).
  • Darlene’s guest Polo had Happy $$ and described his business Learn Together which assists young people with learning about management software. Potential Rotarian?
  • Your Scribe gave a few Happy $$ in recognition of Mike Winter assisting with passing out bikes at the Annual Toy and Food Giveaway.
  • Jon Lawlis had Happy $$ for his part, as well as fellow Rotarians, in ringing the bell for the Salvation Army which resulted in his Rotary apron getting stuffed with money. Ask Jon if you weren’t there.
  • Ric Ambrose had some very happy dollars for being a guest at the Cavs v. Dubs basketball game on Christmas Day.


Stacey Street introduced out guest speaker Amiko Foster who is the President/CEO of Youth Finance Institute of America (YFIA). Amiko grew up in Albany and attended Cal. YFIA’s goal is to educate youth about basic personal finance life skills.

Started in 2015, YFIA works with youth 14-24 years of age in low to moderate income communities. YFIA works with many partners in the community particularly Richmond Community Fund and Richmond Promise. The three programs offered by YFIA are: Money Talk; Foster Youth Financial Coaching and Cash for College.

Amiko posed a question to the Rotarians looking for answers that she could share with the youth she works with: “What advice would you give to your 16 year old self about planning for your financial future?” Many very wise suggestions were made include don’t screw up your credit, pay your obligations, be entrepreneurial, do not co-sign anything, and surround yourself with responsible people.

For more information on YFIA you can go to their website: www.yfia.org


- The Menehune, Rotating Scribe