July 12, 2019

NEXT MEETING: July 12, 2019

Your Inner Chlld Outed

There’s no meeting this Friday, in consideration of the July 4th holiday.

We reconvene the following Friday, July 12, at Pogo Park #1- Elm Playlot for a bar-b-q and picnic. This will give you room for your inner child to jump around a bit and try out the play equipment. (We’ve checked the weight limit on the swing. You’re OK.)

But this is also a great opportunity to bring your kids and grand kids. Here’s where the park is located, at 720 Elm St, Richmond.

To make sure we provide enough food and beverages, we need a good headcount. So…

Please RSVP to Jan.

Finally, Cecilia is looking for one good man or woman to help out with the grill. If you have experience moving briquettes and burgers around a bar-b-q, you qualify. Please let Cecilia know you can help out.


  • David Brown made his weekly announcement about payment of dues and offered to take credit cars on the spot if those that owed their dues would raise their hands. There were no volunteers so either the miscreants were absence or not willing to fess up. Beware David will find you.
  • Alan Baer announced the upcoming TGIF at McBear’s Social Club on June 28 from 5:30 to 7:00. Hopefully a good time was had by all since the date has come and gone.



The meeting was opened with the ringing of the bell by soon-to-be-deposed President Jerry Feagley. New member Fran Smith led the Pledge of Allegiance. Herb led the invocation with a prayer for peace, freedom and justice on earth. Sid’s thought-for-the-day was “We don’t need more gun control; we need more idiot control.”

Recognitions and Happy and Sad Dollars

There was only one person recognized, our new incoming president Jan Brown. She was recognized for her 40th anniversary which was celebrated in what appears to be a low key but delightful fashion (which seems very appropriate for a 40th anniversary). She also celebrated her club anniversary.

There were a lot of Happy and Sad Dollars.


  • Let’s recognize another demotion that marked today’s meeting: Sid Chauvin, Sergeant-at-Arms since—we’re guessing here, the disbanding of the Continental Army?—is handing over the duties of the office to Alan Blavins. Congratulations to you both!
  • Hank had Happy Dollars for dealing with very spoiled dog that may have some chemical dependency issues.
  • Tamara also had Happy Dollars for the help she got from Bob Dabney and his wife at her store.
  • Lillian was happy to have returned from Madagascar and her appointment as the head of the United Nations Bay Area Chapter.
  • David Brown handed over a few Happy Dollars in appreciation of the fact that Hank’s son Jason was now the head of Harbor Pilots, David confessed that this would have been one of his dream jobs.
  • Jan Brown’s Sad Dollars were prompted by the departure of Sid, Herb, Jerry and others from their roles on the Board.
  • New member Fran Smith had Happy Dollars and an update on the work being done to restore the Masquer’s Theater in Point Richmond.
  • Saving the most poignant for last, our noble leader Jerry had Happy Dollars for the support that he received as the President over the last year. Thank you, Jerry, for your service.

Scribed by Norm Lundberg, the poor chap who selected the orange ball.