March 8, 2019

NEXT MEETING: March 8, 2019

Refashioning Point San Pablo Harbor

Point San Pablo Harbor, located at the end of Stenmark Drive past Winehaven, has remained virtually unchanged through most of it’s 90 year history. Daryl Henline will discuss the history of the harbor and the changes taking place under new ownership, including the newly reopened Nobilis Cafe and the Point San Pablo Harbor Club. Head on over to check it out, but drive slowly after leaving Point Molate.The road is a little rough.


Oscar invited us to roll up our sleeves and pitch in for the Cesar Chavez Day of Service. The work will include planting trees, painting and decorating, and other beautification projects. The event takes place on Saturday, March 30th, from 10AM to 2PM. Meet at Portumex Restaurant on 23rd Street. For more information, visit

Josh Genser reminded us that the club will undertake a tree protection project for the Harbor 8 Volunteer Day. Bring work gloves. If you’re not into physical labor come anyway. You’ll be asked to serve up coffee, donuts and moral support. That’s Saturday, April 6 at the Harbor 8 Park.

MEETING OF March 1, 2019


President Jerry Feagley called the meeting to order at 12:30. Mike Winter lead the Pledge of Allegiance and Herb called for a moment of reflection on the values of peace and justice.

New Member

We were pleased to welcome our newest member to the Richmond Rotary, Chad Works-Wright. Please make a point of going up and introducing your self to him.

Recognitions and Happy and Sad Dollars

Oscar did the Recognitions but, alas, there were no birthdays or anniversaries to recognize. We jumped right into Happy and Sad Dollars.

Two members, Jan and Josh Genser, had Sad Dollars for the passing of Doug Corbin, among the city’s most publicly-spirited residents. For 3 decades, nearly every person on the board of Early Childhood Mental Health was recruited by Doug (including your scribe today). Doug did an enormous amount of good for Richmond. He will be missed.

Herb had Happy Dollars for having passed it driving test,  good until he’s in his 80’s. That may be good for him but for the rest of us on the road, not so sure.

And Oscar had Happy Dollars for being able to return to eating normal foods after dental work earlier in the week.

Visiting Rotarians

We welcomed Alan Test, from Newport Beach, CA.

Rotarians with Guests

Our guests were today’s speaker, Jeff Wright and Iris AlRoy, both with Bridge Storage and ArtSpace.


March 1, 2019

Darlene introduced Jeff Wright, whose father owned Bridge Storage for many years. When Jeff took over the business he began searching for ways to make the space more interesting by attracting Richmond’s creative community. Thus began an evolution that required new permitting, refurbishing about one-quarter of the storage spaces, and installing equipment and facilities that would draw artists, craftspeople, filmmakers, cooks and more. About one-quarter of the Bridge Storage space has been converted to support those activities: a wood shop, metal working shop, film screening and video production area, a sewing room, and a commercial kitchen. These are co-work spaces can be rented on a per hour or monthly bases.

Jeff’s presentation stirred up a lot of conversation because of its unconventional nature and its potential for helping to revitalize the Santa Fe area. We’ll all keep a close eye on it to see what develops.

To learn more about Bridge Storage and ArtSpace, visit their website.

-Nick Despota, Flywheel Editor