November 15, 2019

NEXT MEETING: November 15, 2019

Re-introduction to the Richmond Standard

Mike Aldax, editor of the Richmond Standard news website, will discuss the Standard’s mission and ways members can use the online publication to get the word out about important Rotary functions, from fundraisers to projects.


  • November is Rotacare month for Richmond Club. Lucky for us, Henry Moe is glad to be in charge of this HUGE effort. He contacts restaurants and caterers and gets the meals donated and delivered to Richmond Rotacare 4 Tuesday evenings in a row. Thank you to Henry!!!!
  • Saturday, November 9th is the Walk to End Alzheimers. Jan Brown, Darlene Quenville and Jonathon Lawlis are all participating. All are welcome to come cheer them on.
  • Herb Cole announced the opportunity to go to Monterrey, MX in February, 2020 to distribute wheelchairs. A flyer was distributed on each table.
  • Alan Baer reminded us that “Rotary Lite” is coming up Tuesday, November 19th at El Agave Azul from 5:00 to 7:00.
  • Pam Jones asked everyone to “buy a kid a bike” so that every kid who wants one can be sure to get one for Christmas.
  • Tamara Shiloh reminded us that the Multi-Cultural Bookstore is having a grand re-opening this coming week in their new location. Wine and cheese will be served. All are welcome.
  • Don Lau announced the new fundraising initiative targeting club members and friends of the club called “ Club 100”. All club members are encouraged to contribute at least $100 or your best gift towards the “Miraflores Project” so that we can say we had 100% participation.
  • Stacey Street asked us to get ready for the December 13th Holiday Auction by doing the following:
    • Visit this page to donate a gift or money towards the auction – sooner the better as we are only 5 weeks away.
    • Bring a guest to the Holiday Auction Nakele Rechanauer will be the entertainment.
  • This year the ESCAPE Club chose Mt. Diablo for one of their getaways. The high school adventure field trip club is celebrating its 20th anniversary.  Richmond Rotary is proud to have supported their excursions into Bay Area nature over these many years. Have a look at this year’s photo-newsletter.

MEETING OF November 8, 2019


President Jan Brown welcomed everyone to the friendly Richmond Rotary Club. Gerald Fay led the Pledge of Allegiance and Herb led the invocation. Jim Findley was standing in for Alan Blavins as Sargent of Arms.

Visiting Rotarians and Guests

There were three guests. Two were our speaker, Isaias Veile and his co-worker Iris Villegas. The third was Jaime Rascon, Immediate Past President of San Pablo club.

Special Events

President Jan invited Nick Despota to the front of the room to present him with a pin from the District Governor (D.G.) ,Tina Akins. The D.G. had asked Jan for the names of two individuals who were key contributors to the club. She awarded David Brown personally last Friday, November 1st and Jan presented the pin to Nick in the D.G.’s absence. Jan acknowledged Nick’s creativity and high-energy level.


Recognitions and Happy and Sad Dollars

  • Jan recognized Don Lau for his birthday and the whole group sang Happy Birthday to him.
  • David Brown was happy to be joining “the people in green suits” for a few weeks.
  • Tamara was happy to have an interview of her actually air on TV! And, happy that her long-suffering nephew was finally seeking treatment for his illness.
  • Hank Covell had thanks to Erle Brown for helping to get his grandchildren their Paul Harris awards.
  • David asked that the record reflect the fact that the Berkeley Rotary Club website does not accept credit cards like ours does!


Importance of Cyber-Security Awareness

Our speaker was Isaia Veile of Vanersity, Inc. Their company trains people and finds jobs for people in the IT field. They have an 85% acceptance rate.

- Connie Tritt, Scribe