October 13, 2017

NEXT MEETING: October 13, 2017
We are again meeting at Café Soleil on Friday.

In Defense of Animals: Fighting for Animals, People and Environment

In 1983, a local veterinarian uncovered horrific animal suffering in UC Berkeley’s animal laboratories. After winning the day for the University’s animals, he vowed to put an end to all animal cruelty. 30 years later, In Defense of Animals has grown into a formidable force that fights for animals, people and the environment around the world from its headquarters in Marin County. Its campaigns and hands-on rescue facilities in India, Africa, and rural Mississippi help all animals, from dogs to wild horses, to chimpanzees. Come and learn from British-born Communications Director Fleur Dawes about the latest issues facing animals at home and further afield, and how we can make a difference.


  • Once again we’ll be meeting at Café Soleil this Friday. The address is 3550 San Pablo Dam Road, El Sobrante.
  • Shana Bagley-Howe announced that the Berkeley Rotary will be taking their trip to
    Mexico again this year and her and Mark will be going down. She said that it is a great trip and that other Richmond Rotarians should join them
  • Shana also informed us that the board has decided to send the hurricane relief money raised to the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico where it will do the most good.
  • Emon Usher, Deputy Fire Chief of the Richmond FD, spoke about the History of the Toy Drive held for the last 25 years and even though the Fire Fighter that ran it for 25 years has retired the torch will be picked up. The firefighters will be at the Club on our Auction Day December 8th to pickup the gifts. He also mentioned the Bike end of the Toy drive that will be organized by our own Pam Jones this year and the importance of getting a bike for every one of the 1200 children. A bike and a helmet costs $49 and there will be a link to donate online
  • October 31, 2017 Darlene Drapkin announced the 23rd street Trick or Treat. Organizers are looking for volunteers and inviting families to come to the celebration.



The one, the only Pres Connie Tritt presided over the meeting, Stacey Street led the pledge, Herb Cole did the invocation for peace, justice and freedom on earth and Syd’s thought for the day was “There are no gains without pains,” which he borrowed from Benjamin Franklin.

Visiting Rotarians and Guests

Emon Usher, Deputy Fire Chief from the Richmond FD, was the guest of Pam Jones

Recognitions and Happy and Sad Dollars

  • Hank Covell had Happy Dollars because his parents graduated from Richmond HS in 1930 and he was looking forward to the History of Richmond talk today
  • Don Lau had a Happy $10 because he got to sit down with Joe Bagley and reminisce about all the great time they had before he and Rita leave El Sobrante for their new home
  • Tiffany Strauss had Happy Dollars that her daughter was safe and also that the Early Childhood Mental Health Facility 200 24th Street, Richmond CA will hold it’s open house on November 3rd from 4-6pm
  • Josh Surowitz had Happy Dollars that his twins turned 2
  • Oscar Garcia had Happy Dollars for his 2week trip out of the country where he got to see many of his friends. He was also happy that the 23rd street cleanup that was happening on Saturday October 7.


Karen Buchanan was our speaker for today. She is a lifelong Richmond resident and is involved in many local organizations in the Richmond community. The Richmond Rotarians got a treat at today’s meeting with a chance to learn about the great city we live and work in. We also got prizes for answering trivia questions about the history of Richmond.

Karen told us how Richmond got it’s name (from Richmond, Virginia). The first mention of Richmond was Point Richmond on a map form the 1800’s, which was was originally was cut off by waterways. She also told us about the Rancho San Pablo, a 19,000 acre land grant to Francisco Castro that extended across Richmond, San Pablo and Kensington. The sprawling property was later distributed to the children of Francisco Castro.

Karen does a tour of Richmond and after hearing her talk I heartily recommend signing up and learning more about our wonderful city.

Henry Moe, Rotating Editor