July 13, 2018

NEXT MEETING: July 13, 2018

Armand Carr, "The Voice" at KBLX and Jefferson Award Recipient

Oakland, California native Armand Carr is affectionately known as “The Voice” behind the Quiet Storm on KBLX 102.9. Armand is the founder and CEO of All Tied Up, a non-profit that prepares young men between the ages of 13-21 for success through workshops structured around the significance of a necktie. As an on-air personality, he made a commitment to be more than just a voice on the radio and has amassed a substantial list of accomplishments but none have been as fulfilling as All Tied Up.

Armand is a recent recipient of the Jefferson Award, the nation’s most prestigious and long-standing award’s foundation, dedicated to celebrating public service.


  • No Richmond Rotary meeting on July 6th. Our next meeting is Friday, July13th
  • David Brown again requested that anyone in the room who hasn’t paid their Rotary annual dues do so soon. Like today.
  • Darlene Drapkin encourage members to show up for the 23rd Street cleanup event, Sunday July1st, gathering at Portumex.

MEETING OF June 29, 2018


Visiting Rotarians and Guests

  • Alan Baer brought his daughter, Stephanie, as his guest. Stephanie had a wonderful time at the Rotary International Conference in Toronto. She brought back her dad Rotary socks, which Alan obligingly pulled up his pant legs to show us. She also returned with a pendant from one of Canada’s Rotary clubs.
  • Carol Robinson visiting from San Pablo Rotary with new member (didn’t get her name) State Farm rep – getting her blue pin.
  • Raquel Donoso, the Interim Executive Director of West County EdFund, was the guest of Darlene Drapkin.

Recognitions and Happy and Sad Dollars

  • Alan had a Happy Dollar for the fun he had at our club’s recent tree-watering project.
  • Stacey Street was happy to be back after the arduous process of moving to a new apartment in San Leandro, and her daughter’stransitioning from middle school to high school
  • Jan had Happy Dollars to mark her anniversary and for kudos to 23rd Sreet merchants.
  • Tamara was happy to have received ECIA grant for literacy/STEM Program. There will be Storytime, on Saturday from 2 to 3 PM at her Multicultural Children’s Bookstore at the Shops at Hilltop
  • Rick, not sure whether his dollars were happy or sad, held forth on the performance of the Oregon State baseball team, proudly withstanding cracks from some of our rowdy college sports fans.


Bike East Bay

Dave Campbell, Advocacy Director, from Bike East Bay, was today’s speaker. Bike East Bay promotes healthy, sustainable communities by making bicycling safe, fun and accessible. They work with the transit companies, AC Transit, BART and ferry services. The organization provides education to schools and communities on the rules of the road and bicycle safety. Dave spoke about the bicycle plans for the various bridges including the recent renovations of the San Rafael/Richmond Bridge.

Dave also gave a quick overview of bike-on-demand services. In the East Bay we have the Lime Bike program ($1/hr. pick up and leave bikes at your starting point and destination, wherever that is); and Ford GoBikes (pick up and return bikes to “docking stations” in downtown Berkeley. One time payment or monthly plans.)

Coming soon to the Bay Area are electric bikes, electric skateboards and hover bikes. More information regarding their organization, campaigns, classes, how to volunteer or become a member can be found on their website at www.bikeastbay.org.

Tamara Shiloh, Rotating Scribe