June 8, 2018

NEXT MEETING: June 8, 2018


Wayne Koide will tell us about an innovative way of helping students develop a deeper understanding of science, technology, engineering and math—the focus of what is called S.T.E.M. curriculua in schools today. STEMsail seeks to reinforce these concepts through sailing as a practical platform for learning, with a special emphasis on sustainability and an awareness of our marine environment. Learn more at the StemSAIL website.


David Brown had 2 announcements:

  • Please sign-up for 23rd Street Tree Watering. On Saturdays for about 4 hours. Sign-up list circulated. Contact Felix Hunziker or Oscar Garcia for details.
  • It is time to pay your Rotary duesof $200, and $100 for Foundation. All cards cheerfully accepted at our meeting. Or just cast your eyes over to the right of this web page, move down the column till you reach “Rotary Dues and Annual Donation to the Foundation.” Use the yellow Donate buttons to make your payments. All credit cards accepted through PayPal gateway. Thank you.
  • Prez Connie reminded all that we will be dark on July 6 in celebration of July 4.

MEETING OF May 18, 2018


Prez Connie called the meeting to order. Your Scribe led the Pledge and Prez Connie offered a moment of silence for Peace, Freedom and Justice. Sid Chauvin offered the following from Winston Churchill. ”The best argument against democracy is the five minute conversation with the average voter.”

Visiting Rotarians and Guests

Simon Ellis had as his guest Matt Piatt.

Recognitions and Happy and Sad Dollars

Ric Ambrose did the honors:

  • Pam Jones celebrated 23 years with Richmond Rotary
  • Stacey Street celebrated 4 years with the Club
  • David Brown celebrated 38 years (40 with time served) with Cheryl reminding us again how the volcanos blew up that night!
  • Nick Despota and Nel celebrated 45 years together listening to 45 years of songs at the Paul Simon concert.
  • Gonzalo Ochoa and wife Veronica celebrated 22 years together.
  • Nick had happy dollars to announce that Tamara Shiloh has joined the Scribe team and Darlene Drapkin is now our Program manger.
  • Josh Surowitz was happy to be at the meeting and not on a Little League diamond
  • Jerry Feagley was sad that Salute was closing on 7/7.
  • Darlene Drapkin was happy to accept being in charge of Programs, but made it clear it was for 1 year. She is looking for 2 volunteers to assist her.
  • Ric Ambrose said Go Duck Women’s Softball


Chief Adrian Sheppard report on the Richmond Fire Department

Pam Jones introduced our speaker Richmond Fire Chief Adrian Sheppard who came to Richmond after serving as a member of the Oakland Fire Department. Chief Sheppard has been busy working on a Strategic Plan for the Department. The department has 7 stations with a budget of $30 million. The divisions within the department include: Training; Suppression/Operation; Prevention; Administration; Office of Emergency Services. Last year there were 446 fires in Richmond and the department received 13,000 emergency calls. The department also made 2,000 safety inspections.

Chief Sheppard is also the Chair of the Richmond El Cerrito Fire and Police Toy Program and thanked the Rotary Club for its part in raising funds to provide bike for the program.

The Menehune, Rotating Editor