March 13, 2020

NEXT MEETING: March 13, 2020

"Be prepared." Advice that's not just for Boy Scouts.

Death mask of Frederick Chopin

What famous people died without adequate estate planning? Funny you should ask. This Friday’s speaker wants to answer that question. But more importantly, Ms. Jennifer Martin will tell us why the question is actually not funny.

Failing to properly plan your estate can cause strife among your family members, deny money to someone you love, or destroy a business you worked hard to build.

Ms. Martin promises a talk that is both entertaining and educational.


  • The Centennial Dinner Executive Committee has decided to postpone the Centennial Dinner in light of the Contra Costa County Health Department’s declaration of a health emergency due to the Coronavirus. We will advise you of the new date, as well as arrangements for refunds when they have been determined.
  • The City of Richmond the Richmond Rotary Club are pleased to invite you to a Groundbreaking Dedication and Tour of the first of the Miraflores-themed interpretive displays, “Making a Living”. April 4, 11 AM. Miraflores Greenbelt (entrance at Wall Ave. and 49th Street, Richmond). Flyer
  • We are pleased to welcome Iris AlRoy and Alexandra Wilson as new members of the Richmond Rotary Club.