May 29, 2020

NEXT MEETING: May 29, 2020

Collaborative Communication: Skills for Every Day

If you wonder how to talk to someone across a political divide or how to stop having the same arguments–over and over–with your family and co-workers, join us for a lively and interactive discussion. Lisa Montana will provide an introduction to Collaborative Communication, which enables people to speak in ways that are both honest and respectful.

For security reasons, our video conference meetings are by invitation only. The Zoom invitation will be sent to our members with the subject “Richmond Rotary Invitation.” If you didn’t get it last week, please check your spam. Rotary guests are welcome. To receive the Zoom link, request it by sending an email to prior to our meeting on Friday.


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Happy and Sad Dollars

On this Memorial Day, Jan offered a remembrance of Elof Granberg, who passionately reminded Richmond Rotarians every year of the reason we honor this day in history. Elof served with the Canadian Regina Rifle Regiment in WWII and was part of the Normandy invasion. He often recalled his fellow comrades who paid ‘the ultimate price’ for peace, freedom and justice in the world.


Contra Costa College

Dr. Mayra Padilla, Dean of Institutional Equity at Contra Costa College, reflected on the essential role of a community college. The Metas program prepares preschool through 12th-grade students in our community for college success by increasing their proficiency in reading, writing and math. One hundred percent of 12th grade students involved in Metas graduate from high school and go on to enroll in college. A Richmond High School graduate herself, Mayra shared inspiring stories of several students who came up through the program and launched successful academic or professional careers in STEM and beyond. Many graduates have returned to serve the West Contra Costa community and even as instructors and mentors through Metas. The Metas program receives generous support from outside donors.