April 3, 2020

NEXT MEETING: April 3, 2020

Rotary Four Way Test Student Essay Contest

The 2020 Rotary Four Way Test Student Essay Contest marks Richmond Rotary’s 100th Birthday!

Do today’s high school students think about values like fairness, goodwill and friendship in different ways than we did when we were their age?

This Friday we’ll have an opportunity to consider that question as the high school finalists in our Four Way Test Essay Competition will read and reflect on what they wrote.

What better way to celebrate our 100th year than through a youthful perspective of the test that measures the integrity of our work and relationships?


This Friday we will again meet on Zoom. It is encouraging to note that our attendance as not only not dropped off in the move to a virtual meeting space but instead has stayed about the same or even increased a bit.

Friday, April 3 meeting
Begins promptly at 12:30 PM
To join meeting, go to https://zoom.us/j/418398462
and enter Meeting ID: 418 398 462

On mobile phones, call +1(669)900-9128.
When prompted enter meeting ID shown above.

Haven’t used Zoom before?
You can download the Zoom app in advance. Here’s help on getting started that includes links to short videos on getting connected and using features like Chat, microphone muting, and more.

Finally, remember that you can always find our online meeting URL, ID and call-in numbers on our calendar page.

Happy and Sad Dollars

As we reported last week, our Happy and Sad custom has also been adapted to the virtual format. If you have Happy or Sad Dollars to share, tell us during the meeting then make your donation by clicking the button the right. When you do, you’ll be presented with a PayPal form that includes a “Leave a note” field where you can tell us the reasons for the contribution. We’ll print those in the following week’s Flywheel.

Happy and Sad Dollars offered during the last two weeks include:

Alexandra Wilson and her partner adopted a new dog just in time to make shelter-in-place a little cozier.

Henry Moe had a sad $5 that my son’s senior year activities, especially his trip to New York with his band, was being cancelled and they are not going to return all the money we put up front. (3/24)

Jon Lawlis, was happy to have cut his and Darlene’s vacation short and returned home! (3/24)

Alexandra Wilson had happy dollars because my partner and I adopted a dog just before we were sheltered in place and it’s been great having him especially right now. (3/20)

Nick Despota’s dollars were both sad and happy. Despite the tragic level of human suffering covid-19 is causing, the crisis drives home a fundamental truth: that each of us is deeply connected to one another, locally and globally. (3/20)