April 6, 2018

NEXT MEETING: April 6, 2018

WCCCUSD College & Career Pathways

The West Contra Costa Unified School District’s mission is to prepare students for college and future careers.  Through their College & Career Pathways, students participate in outstanding programs of study aligned to in-demand industry sectors. Many include early college credit, and all engage students in authentic projects and offer summer internships.  Partnerships with local businesses, industry leaders, and organizations are key to vibrant and relevant College & Career Pathways.  More information can be found at: https://wccusdpathways.org/

Summer internships are one way make the connections!  WCCUSD is excited to be kicking off its 2018 Summer Internship Program and there are some great young people who are ready to bring their talents and skills to our local businesses and organizations.  Would you consider hosting an intern this summer and help spread the word?  WCCUSD is looking for employers who are able to provide our career-minded students with a 6-week summer internship. Internships help students connect with local employers, while acquiring new skills, and contributing to our local economy.  Students gain transferable work skills and career exposure, and academic credit, while providing our employer community with their talents and skills.  The Summer Internship Program targets Career Pathway students completing their junior year who are interested in gaining work skills, while earning money and academic credit. Terri Waller, from WCCUSD College & Career Pathways, will provide an overview of these programs


Ric reminded us all about PARTY RICHMOND, the Richmond Art Center awards ceremony and fund-raiser.  It will be on April 14 from 5:30 to 8:30 at the RAC.  There will be good food and fine wines and a live auction, and Ric was too modest to mention that one of his original pieces will be auctioned, but be sure not to bid on it so Elaina and I can buy it.

Oscar, on behalf of Felix, told us about a dry run of the tree-watering program (pun intended).  This week, using Oscar’s brother’s truck, we picked up the water buffalo (which is just a water tank on a trailer) from Overaa Construction, which is letting us use it, and took it to the City’s corporation yard where it was filled with water.  Everything worked great, so we’ll be doing this monthly starting in April to water all the street trees we’ve been planting.  If you’re interested in helping, there will be a sign-up circulated at future meetings or via email.

Darlene D announced community workshops about the future redevelopment of 23rd Street.  There will be one tomorrow, March 31 (almost certainly before this is even published), and another on May 26, both from 10:00 to 2:00 at Richmond High School.

Gonzalo announced that Cinco de Mayo will be on Sies de Mayo on 23rd Street.

MEETING OF March 30, 2018


On a sunny Friday afternoon President Connie opened the meeting with a ring of the bell.

Jerry Feagley led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and Connie asked for a moment of silence for freedom, peace, and justice on earth

Sid’s Thought for the Day: “We are all born ignorant, but we have to work really hard to be stupid.”  Sid attributes this to Benjamin Franklin, but somehow I doubt they used the adverb “really” the way we do today.    Close enough, though.

Visiting Rotarians

Jim Brandt from the Alamo Club was our guest today.

Recognitions and Happy and Sad Dollars

Recognitions, by Ric:

Norm celebrated his birthday (70), wedding anniversary (48), and club anniversary (44) all around the same time.

Happy and Sad Dollars:

 Shana and Josh were happy to have spent the weekend (with their respective spouses and with Jim and Leah Becker) at Mike Winters’ house on the Mendocino coast, a purchase at the holiday auction.

Jon was happy to be back after a month away, at Spring Training and Puerto Vallarta.  I’ll bet you’re happy to finally get away from those beaches and cheap camarones.

Jan was happy to have attended the 150th Charter of the University of California at Berkeley.

David wished everyone a happy Passover and Easter.


TYM - Today's Youth Matter

Our guest Jim Brandt introduced our speaker.  Jim didn’t get much of an introduction himself but he’s an investment adviser, mountain climber and member of the Board of Directors of the Richmond Community Foundation.  Jim introduced Billy Coleman, Executive Director of Today’s Youth Matter.

Billy was born of a teen mother, but he and his mother were enabled for better things by an older woman, a stranger (a “Fictive Relation”), who adopted them and helped Billy’s mother attend college.  Billy thought the youth in his neighborhood all needed a Fictive Relation, and TYM tries to fill a part of that need by providing programs for youth of all ages, from elementary school to young adulthood.  The programs include educational support, character building, and leadership development, all geared toward making kids resilient.

TYM has programs at RPAL in Richmond, and a summer camp in the Sonoma County Redwoods.

For more on TYM visit their website at http://www.tymkids.org/

Josh Genser, Rotating Scribe