May 31, 2019

NEXT MEETING: May 31, 2019

Why Cars Crash

Jim Yu, a personal injury attorney, will discuss the various causes of car crashes: alcohol, phone use, fatigue, and other reasons.


  • Nick Despota described the new procedure for selecting a scribe for the meeting, developed and approved at our May 10th meeting. He showed us the “old raffle bag,” which he filled with 12 white ping-pong balls and 1 orange ping-pong ball. Each meeting, the meeting participants will take turns choosing a ball until someone gets the orange one. That person is the scribe for the meeting. If someone does not want to scribe, he or she has the option of paying another person $20, the cost of a lunch, to scribe instead.
  • Jan Brown announced that her first meeting as president, July 12th, 2019, we are meeting offsite because of a golf tournament at Richmond Country Club. She took a vote for the alternate location and the majority agreed that we should meet at Pogo Park.       The Director of the program will be our speaker. Cecelia Orozco and Don Lau volunteered to assist with food preparation. Beverages are expected to include beer and wine.
  • Jan encouraged everyone to register for the International Conference in June 2020 in Hawaii. The early bird registration rates are expiring soon.